About Us

Our Mission

We pride ourselves in providing a transformative experience to every person we serve. Together, we believe that all people deserve compassion and care in a friendly and accessible environment. Our Legacy is the commitment to excellence in all we do.

Core Values

  • Integrity: The ability to build honesty in everything you do, even when it is difficult and even when you are at fault. The courage to hold yourself accountable, accept responsibility and face the consequences of all actions. Integrity is not only one of our Core Values, it is the foundation for all other values – the values that drive our purpose.  

  • Growth: Breaking through the ceiling, individually and as an organization. Personally improving your skills, knowledge, experiences, personal qualities, and life goals. Acknowledging and overcoming insecurities and shortcomings with a drive to continuously improve both yourself and the company.  

  • Positivity: Enthusiasm and optimism are contagious. This value promotes support for everyone you encounter and the processes you follow. Strive to inspire those around you with an uplifting attitude. Creativity, innovation, and happiness will follow.  

  • Inclusive: Creating a welcoming environment comes from your heart. The compassion to treat everyone equally and appreciate the diverse situations they come from. Respect, communication, and authenticity are vital to projecting a clear message of inclusiveness.  

  • Pride: Believe in what you do. Trust in who you are with. Share the purpose of our mission. Strive not only for quality outcomes, but for attention to detail along the way. This value builds internal strength and external teamwork. Pride is felt in what we create, how we operate, and how we treat people – each other and our community.